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Transnistria - 500 Rubles

Five Hundred Rubles, Dated 1992(1994) P10Reverse
Following the break away from Moldova, Transnistria imported used Russia Rubble in 1994 and re issued them to the public for circulation with a Transnistria sticker placed over the note. This note that I have uploaded is the same as the Russian 500 Rubles (P245) and is in uncirculated condition. However according to SCWPM, those Rubles notes imported in 1994 were all supposed to be used condition and for that, it is believe that this note that I have may have been deliberately 'manufactured' after 1994. Well, either way, this is still one note (Russia or Transnistria) that I do not have in my collection.


Anonymous said...

Hi paperbanknotes,
Always fascinated with such numismatic items.
Just like our interest in counterstamped coins, suppose the extra sticker changed the whole meaning of the banknote issuance.
Fascinated because find these items very rich in history.
First the original history before they were being counterstamped or overprinted, and after which superceded by another set of historical events.
Thanks for sharing.

me said...

Hi WhyCollect

Thanks for your comment. I am still not sure if this sticker was deliberately put one or genuine issue. According to the catalogue, those notes initially imported from Russia were all recycled used note, but this one that I have is in UNC condition.