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Poland - 20 Zloty 2017 Commemorative 300th Year of the Coronation of the Mother of God's Image in Jasna Gova

This is a 20 Zloty Commemorative note issued on 21.08.2017 celebrating the 300th Year of the Coronation of the Mother of God's Image in Jasna Gova. The note is printed with the date of 10 May 2017. This celebration was approved by the Polish government on 28.01.2017 as a jubilee year for the celebration for the first canonical coronation of the image of Our Lady of Czestochowa, also known as the Black Madonna. The Black Madonna is a revered icon of the Virgin Mary located at the Jasna Gora Monastery in Czestochowa, about 2+ hours drive south-west of Warsaw. With more than 94% of the Poland population are Catholic, the image of Our Lady of Czestochowa has a significant meaning to the Poles.

The note is signed by:
NBP President - Professor Adam Glapinski (since 2016)
Chief Treasurer - Mrs. Barbara Jaroszek
Printed by: Polish Security Printing Company SA (PWPW S.A.)
Quantity Issued; 55,000 set
Issue price; 60 Zloty each
Note designer: Justyna Kopecka

Twenty Zloty
Dated 2017
Information Sheet
Information Sheet

Russia - 2017 Issues Hybrid

Two banknotes of Russia of 200 and 2000 Rubles both released on 12.10.2017. The main features of these two notes are Crimea and the Far Eastern part of Russia respectively.

The 200 Rubles note features a monument to the Scuttled Ships in Sevastopol Bay by sculptor Amandus Adamson, Count's Quay in Sevastopol on the front and arch, columns, door archaeological ruins of Chersonese in Sevastopol on the back. The note is also printed with the map of Crimea with the city name of Sevastopol in Russian (СЕВАСТОПОЛЬ) included.

Crimea is a disputed territory between Russia and Ukraine. This autonomous Republic of Crimea was annexed by the Russian Federation on 18.03.2014, following a local referendum. The referendum was rejected by Ukraine. Prior to that, Crimea was under the control of Ukraine. Due to the unresolved conflict between Russian and Ukraine over Crimea, the Ukraine government has banned the handling of all Russian banknotes featuring landmarks of Crimea in all financial institutions in Ukraine, which also including the previous 100 Rubles Commemorative note issued in 2015.

Watermark: Monument to the Scuttled Ships and electrotype 200.
Printer: Goznak (since 1818)
Size: 150mm x 65mm

The 2000 Rubles note theme is Russian far east (Siberia). On the front, it features the Russky bridge linking the Russky Island over the Eastern Bosphorus Strait to the mainland (Vladivostok) in the far eastern part of Russia, Far Eastern Federal University (ДВФУ/FEFU founded 2009) building in Vladivostok, and on the back, it features the Vostochny Cosmodrome rocket launchpad located in Amur Oblast not far from north of China (Heilongjiang). On the left, it also features the map of Siberia with a white dot indicating the location of Amur Oblast.

The Russian launched it's first rocket from the Vostochny Cosmodrome rocket launchpad in May 2016. This new Vostochny Cosmodrome (Eastern Space Port) was first announced in July 2010, to reduce Russian dependence on the Baikonur Cosmodrome in Kazakhstan.

Watermark: Bridge and electrotype 2000.
Printer: Goznak (since 1818)
Size: 157mm x 69mm

The two new notes are printed on high-density cotton paper with polymeric impregnation aka Hybrid. The material used is to ensure these notes have a longer life span than traditionally cotton based banknotes.

Both notes are also printed with the Quick Response (QR) code on the front. The QR code was first invented in 1994 and Nigeria (100 Naira 2014 Commemorative) was the first banknote printed with this feature. The Russia 100 Rubles 2015 commemorative note was the first Russian note printed with the QR code.

Two Hundred Rubles
Dated 2017
Two Thousand Rubles
Dated 2017

Switzerland - 10 Francs 2017 Hybrid Notes

This is the 3rd denomination issued for the Swiss ninth banknotes Series, first issued in 2016 (50 Francs). This 10 Francs was released for circulation on 18.10.2017.

Like the previous 2 notes (20 and 50 Francs), the main design on the from are the hand holding an object and a globe.

Note Designs
Front: Conductor's hand holding the baton and set the tempo, globe with time zones & clock faces background.
Back: rail network tunnels; watch's movement & Switzerland's rail network lines.

Just like the previous two (20 and 50 Francs) issues, the cross printed on top of the note is a
see-through window feature in yellowish colour.

s. Jean Studer & Thomas Jordan (Chairman)
s. Jean Studer & Fritz Zurbrugg (Board Member)
s. Jean Studer & Andrea Michaela Maechler (Board Member)
All notes bear the signature of Jean Studer, who is the President of the Bank Council of Swiss National Bank and each note is counter signed by a Governing Board member. The Swiss National Bank current Governing Board comprises of 3 members with 3 alternate members. The three board members are Thomas Jordan (Chairman), Fritz Zurbrugg and Andrea Michaela Maechler and the 3 alternate members are Thomas Moser, Thomas Wiedmer and Dewet Moser. Andrea Michaela Maechler is the only female member of the 6 members.

European Union - 50 Euro 2017 Hybrid Notes

These are the fourth issues of 2013 series bearing the signature of Mario Draghi, President of the European Central Bank. These notes were released on 4.4.2017, and like the previous 20, these €50 banknotes are also printed with Hybrid materials, including a transparent see-through arch window on s strip located on the right hand side of the note. At this stage, the following prefixes have been sighted - E, M, P, R, S, U, V, W & Z. If these are the only prefixes issued, then here I have a complete set posted below. It's not easy to find a full set.

Fifty Euro (E)
Dated 2017, P23e
Reverse - Francois-Charles Oberthur, Chantepie France
Fifty Euro (M)
Dated 2017, P23m
Reverse - Valora-Banco de Portugal, Carregado Portugal
Fifty Euro (P)
Dated 2017, P23p, Code P005D4
Reverse - Johan Enschede Security Print, Haarlem, The Netherlands
Fifty Euro (R)
Dated 2017, P23r, Code RoioB2
Reverse - Bundesdruckerei, Berlin Germany
Fifty Euro (S)
Dated 2017, P23s
Reverse - Banca d'Italia, Rome Italy
Fifty Euro (U)
Dated 2017, P23u
Reverse - Banque de France, Chamalieres France
Fifty Euro (V)
Dated 2017, P23v
Reverse - Fabrica Nacional de Moneda y Timbre, Madrid Spain
Fifty Euro (W)
Dated 2017, P23w
Reverse - Giesecke & Devrient, Leipzip Germany

Fifty Euro (Z)
Dated 2017, P23z
Reverse - Banque Nationale de Belgique