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Gibraltar - £100 Polymer Commemorative 2015(2017)

The release of this note was first announced by the Chief Minister Fabian Picardo of Gibraltar on 18.08.2015. This commemorative note, dated 21.08.2015, honoured the centenary of the birth of Sir Joshua Hassan aka Salvador (Saviour) (b.21.8.1915-1.7.1997). Salvador was known as the Father of Modern Modern Gibraltar and was the first and third Chief Minister of Gibraltar for 22 years. He was also accredited as being the most important architect of Gibraltar's more towards self-determination. This commemorative is printed on polymer material with a portrait of the Queen printed on one side and the image of Sir Joshua on the other. This note was released on 23.01.2017. Gibraltar is now the first in Europe and among few other nations to have issued currencies in Paper material, Hybrid and now Polymer. Other countries that have done this are Fiji, Solomon Islands, Samoa and Papua New Guinea. However only Gibraltar and Papua New Guinea have issued them with same denominations ie £100 and 100 Kina respectively.

It is reported that 250,000 pieces printed. However, it was also reported that those notes printed with serial number above C250000 are replacement.

Albert Mena (signature on the note) is the current Financial Secretary and Commissioner of Currency of Gibraltar.

One Hundred Pounds
Dated 2015
One Hundred Pounds
Dated 2015

Serbia - 2003 120th Year of Banknotes issued by the National Bank of Serbia Commemorative

This is a commemorative note issued in 2003 (P41a) to celebrate the 120th Year of Banknotes Issued by the National Bank in Serbia since 1884. The note depicts the image of Serbian famous son, inventor Nikola Tesla. Tesla was an Austrian Serb but was born in Smiljan (Croatia) in 1856 and died in New York USA in 1943 as a naturalised American citizen. He is famously known for his study and invention of the electromagnetic induction engine (if only I know what I am talking about here) and went on to design an induction motor. An induction motor is whereby no electrical connections are required to operate the rotor. As this is a commemorative note, it also printed with commemorative texts on the back of the note. Subsequent issue (2004 P41b) does not have these texts.

One Hundred Dinara
Dated 2003, P41a

Sweden - 2016 Issues (Prefix C - 2015 Prints)

Issue Date: 03.10.2016
Stefan Nils Magnus Ingves - Governor
Susanne Eberstein - Chairman of the General Council of the Riksbank – since 24.10.2014

These two notes are the final issue of the new series when it was first released on 01.10.2015. These two notes are printed with the letter prefix C. According to the central bank website, this new serious were printed with 3 prefixes – ie Letter A, B and C. The letter represents the year the note was printed, for example, letter A was printed in 2013, B = 2014 and C = 2015.

It is believed that this is how all the notes were printed since 2013:-

2013 Letter A = 50 and 200 Kronor
2014 Letter B = full set from 20 Kronor to 1000 Kronor
2015 Letter C = 100 and 500 Kronor

It appears that many collectors of Swedish new series are not aware of this, which was first issued in 2015. Not even those sellers from Sweden too. In addition to the above, you will also notice that the signatures for the 2015 and 2016 issues are not the same too. The signatures on these two notes are; -

Letter B – Stefan Nils Magnus Ingves (Governor – assumed office 01.01.2006) / Johan Gernandt (Chairman of the General Council of the Riksbank – since 19.10.2006);
Letter C – Stefan Nils Magnus Ingves (Governor) / Susanne Eberstein (Chairman of the General Council of the Riksbank – since 24.10.2014).

From the above, you can see that the B series were printed prior to Susanen Eberstein assumed office.

Below are the two notes printed in 2015 with letter prefix C. Each note is printed with a series of 9 digits. The first two digits indicate where the printing sheet the banknote was printed. The remaining 7 digits are the serial number of the note. 

One Hundred Kronor
ND2015(2016), P71b
Five Hundred Kronor

Scotland The Royal Bank of Scotland - £5 2016 Polymer Series

The Royal Bank of Scotland is the last bank in Scotland to issue polymer note. Here is the £5 note released on 27.10.2016. The date printed on this note is 11.02.2016. This is a new series with new designs, which is completely difference from the current paper series. The first two polymer notes will feature famous Scottish women (£5 - novelist & poet Nan Shepherd 1893-1981 & £10 - scientist Mary Fairfax Somerville 1780-1872). The reverse of the £5 note features two Mackerel, the single most valuable stock for the Scottish fishing industry. The first prefix for this series is printed with AA and the replacement prefix is ZZ. This series is printed by De La Rue with Safeguard polymer material. The signature on the note belongs to Ross Maxwell McEwan (Chief Executive Officer).

Five Pounds (120mm x 66mm)
Dated 2016, Prefix AA, P370
Five Pounds (ZZ Replacement Prefix)
Dated 2016, ZZ Replacement Prefix
Five Pounds (AY Last Prefix)
Dated 2016, AY Prefix