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Great Britain - s. Andrew Bailey Issues

Five Pounds, ND2004 P391cReverse
Five Pounds, ND2009 P391c
No Coating
Ten Pounds, ND2006 P389c
Twenty Pounds, ND2007 P390b
Twenty Pounds, ND2007 P392
Fifty Pounds, ND2006 P388c


Anonymous said...

For us, everything that portrays the effigy or portrait of Queen Elizabeth II is nice. Britain came up with a very nice set of notes esp the 20 pounds.
Oh, by the way, we noticed there were a few other sites which seemed to belong to you.
Managed to log in but couldn't post commets.
Thanks alot for sharing.

me said...

Hi Whycollect,

There are many collectors around the world solely collect banknotes with the portrait of the queen. Some of these notes, especially in UNC condition are quite rare and expensive too. I too would like to collect them, but given that there are so many of these kinds of washed notes circulating in the market, I would avoid them at all cost. Washed notes are worth must less as compared to those which has not been tempered with.

Yes, I maintain about 9 blog sites for my collection. I still have many notes to upload. I was not aware of any problem in posting any comments. If you can let me know which one and I will check that out. Thanking you in advance.

My main home page is http://paperbanknotes.blogspot.com


Jay said...

These are some beautiful notes! I really think England out did themselves with these notes, to top their design would be quite hard! Hope you have a great New Year!


me said...

Thanks for dropping by, Jay.

Happy New Year to you too.


Anonymous said...

Thanks again for the info, paperbanknotes.
Yes, soiled notes are an ugly sight and don't feel comfortable even just to put inside the wallet.
Because some of them stink.
Haha, probably that's the reason why they got soiled even faster than other normal notes of the same kind.
Because everyone wants to get rid of them as fast as they could, lol.
Oh, about the blog which we encountered difficulty is asiabanknotes.blogspot.com
Maybe its due to our limited computer knowledge.
In fact we are still learning how to handle our blog effectively.
Thanks alot.

me said...

Hi WhyCollect,

Thanks for letting me know. It's not you, but me. The 'tick' on the comment box was not on. I am not sure why. Perhaps I must have forget to put it on myself. It's now fixed. Once again, thanks for letting me know.


bazza said...

hey i see you beat me to to kai
as far as i know only the £50 is being
and yes there is also counterfeit £20 going about now..
it didnt take the crooks long..
anyway all the best for the new year

me said...

Hi Baz,

Thanks and Happy New Year to you. I though I better get them now, in case they decided to release new notes later.


Anonymous said...

once again, u have beaten me...i still havent got the complete set of andrew bailey's notes...dayummm

need to put more effort already!!!

me said...


New year resolution LOL!

Good luck.