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Scotland The Royal Bank of Scotland - £1 Dated 23.03.1994

I found out this interesting note not long ago and decided to get one for my collection. This is a £1 note printed with the date of 23.03.1994. To the collectors in Scotland, this note is also known as the "Headless note" as unlike those notes printed earlier and later, this note does not have the usual watermark of Lord Ilay, First Governor. Traditionally, all notes for The Royal Bank of Scotland are printed by Thomas de la Rue and Company Limited, however for this one, it was printed by BA Banknote (British American Bank Note company). The most noticeable differences are the watermark, the date (difference font used) and the imprinter name on the back of the note. The signature on the note belongs to Sir George Ross Mathewson, who was the Chief Executive/Chief Executive Officer from 1992 to 2000.

I believe only one prefix was printed - C/31

One Pound
Dated 1994, P357 BABN Imprinter

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