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Gibraltar - Franklin Mint 1975 Specimen Set

Franklin Mint - Banknotes From Around The World
One Pound, Dated 20.11.1975 PCS1
Five Pounds, Dated 20.11.1975 PCS1
Ten Pounds, Dated 20.11.1975 PCS1
Twenty Pounds, Dated 20.11.1975 PCS1


Anonymous said...

Nice specimen set...its those commemorative specimen sets for sales....

me said...

Hi Chua,

No, this set is for my own collection. I bought this set many years ago. This type of specimen (Maltese Cross prefix) were issued and marketed by the Franklin Mints, and they are quite common. As I have this set for quite a while, I can’t remember how much I paid for, but to me, these kinds of notes (released by the Franklin Mints) are either rare or scarce. Other Maltese Cross prefix specimen notes are those like Solomon Islands, Tonga, Ghana, two sets from Northern Ireland Banks, and others. Some of these were sold for USD14 per set in the 70s/80s mainly to collectors.